Process of an interior project

Phase 1
Programming - Where we begin
Through interviews, surveys and observation we develop an   understanding  of your company and the project at hand. There is a need   for us to  understand how your company works, how work gets done and  how  your staff  interact with each other. An inventory of any existing   furniture,  furnishing and equipment that is intended for re-use is   completed.
Every project is different  and it is therefore important  for us to  establish your expectations of  the project and work to be  completed.

Phase 2
Planning - Mapping a solution
A space plan is produced that addresses all of the concerns and    objectives expressed during the programming phase. This layout plan is    revised until everyone is satisfied as a right solution. At    this time we also produce a budget estimation that reflects your expectations of    the design, finishes and materials that will be used in your project. We    further produce a project schedule that outlines the time frames and    milestone for successfully delivery on time.

Phase 3
Preliminary design and Cost estimation - Developing a Concept design
During this phase we develop a 3d concept design or  ambiance selection that reflects the image of your company and what you  want to project to your clients and employees. It is a process of  presenting materials,  finishing… and detailed quotation that eventually  capture the vision you have for your new offices.

All of above phases will be discussed detail and finalized with a contract agreement.

Phase 4
Design Documentation and Site Preparation 
The Design Documentation consists of a series of drawings, sample board of material,   specifications and detailed instructions that allow a main contractor, as    what we are also to be, to accurately price the work to be completed.  We   also co-ordinate the services of the Mechanical & Electrical    Engineers whose drawings are required to complete the package that is    needed to receive a Building Permit. All necessary preparation at the site have to be ready at this stage. Skillful workers and engineers are dispatched to site.

Phase 5
Construction - Furniture Manufacturing and Coordination
To make sure the whole project gets done perfectly, during  this critical phase, as the main contractor, we conduct weekly    site meetings with all involved in completing the project, to ensure  the    project stays on schedule and that everything is done according to the    drawings. Administration consumes a lot of efforts during this phase  as   we handle change orders, revisions, sub-trade communication, and  coordination with the landlord and    deal with all the other vendors needed to complete the project.  Meanwhile, whole set of furniture to be installed is managed to be  manufactured  at  our  factory and other vendors' factory to strictly meet the project master  schedule .

Phase 6
Complete project and hand-over to Client

We almost complete the project 3 days before official handover day. We use these 3 days after completion day  for overall cleaning and touch-up task. Moreover at the handover day we always together with client to come out a defect list with all of the unsatisfied details, and we remain next 30 days to make sure  every detail is perfect, even minor mistakes  such as wall paint scratch, smeared carpet.
In this phase, we also check one by one all of the construction items to  get the exact as-built quantity.

Phase 7
As built drawings and after sales service
At APA, the commitment doesn't end  with installation. We aim to build long term relationships with all of  clients, so your satisfaction and peace of mind is our priority. Our  full after sales service ensures that not even the smallest detail is  neglected and all complaints will be strictly monitored and adhered to  the relevant department so that we could deal with client’s complaints  immediately. In case of necessity a more detailed investigation will be  carried out to solve the problem or to have a thorough answer.
Until the complaint is rectified, our client will receive an apology  with details of steps we believe are necessary in the circumstances. We  will also explain what we are doing to prevent the problem happening  again. “Customers first, quality best, service perfect" is our principle  of service.